It’s never too late to start. Learning the art of Jow Ga Kung Fu will provide students of all ages with countless challenges, new skills and a new connection with their body and spirit. Students will not only learn traditional forms but will be taught and given drills in the practical applications of techniques within a form. Classes will also include some padwork, partner-work, footwork drills, fitness and stretching for an all-around workout/learning experience.


Martial arts are a great way for kids to learn focus and discipline while learning to set and achieve short term goals. Watch them get fitter, stronger and more confident as they learn to defend themselves and others. Kung Fu instills a sense of respect and leadership and junior members will experience growth in all aspects of their lives. To read more about the benefits of martial arts training for kids check out the article at:


This class focuses on learning and drilling the practical applications of techniques in the context of health and self-defense. This class may include drills, games, padwork, partner-work and sparring. Not only that but students will also be shown and drilled on the practical applications of techniques found within individual forms allowing students to become more confident and competent in all areas of self-defense and a better understanding of the meanings behind the various open-hand and weapon forms.


A class focused on drills and exercises to condition students for martial arts, weight-loss and general fitness. Plyometric exercises, bodyweight HIIT circuits and tabata exercises make up the bulk of this class and students are guaranteed to build up a good sweat. See fast improvement in overall fitness and wellbeing!

Kung Fu is for Everyone

Creating a comfortable and safe environment for students of all walks to learn traditional Chinese martial arts for purposes of fun, fitness, self-defense and community.